Delusions of Grandeur
Delusions of Grandeur (2019)
Comedy, History,

Production(s): Gaumont , Mars Film , Coral Films , Orion Filmproduktion ,

Date de sortie: 2019-15-12

Don Sallust (Louis de Funès) is minister of the King of Spain. It is a being disingenuous, hypocritical and greedy that collects the taxes himself, he turns in part to his advantage. He is hated by the people he oppresse.Accusé by Queen, a beautiful princess Bavarian, of having an illegitimate child to one of her maids of honor, he was stripped of his duties and ordered to retire to a monastery. Decided to revenge, it comes in contact with his nephew seducing Caesar ....

cast(s): Louis de Funès , Yves Montand , Alice Sapritch , Karin Schubert , Alberto de Mendoza , Paul Préboist , Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón , Eduardo Fajardo , Antonio Pica , Joaquín Solís , Venantino Venantini , Gabriele Tinti , Salvatore Borgese , Astrid Frank , Robert le Béal , Clément Michu , La Polaca , Leopoldo Trieste , Ricardo Palacios , Frédéric Norbert , Jesús Tordesillas , Antonio Iranzo , Fernando Bilbao , Xan das Bolas , Ángel Álvarez , Frank Braña , Fabián Conde , Fernando Hilbeck ,